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[Pinned] Guild ranks and what they mean

Here is a general overview of our guild structure for the benefit of both members and potential applicants. Our guild is layered into socials, raiders and management. To be more specific our ranks are as follows: Social Initiate Alt Raider Core Ra...
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[Pinned] New Applicants! (Read First)

Thank you for expressing an interest in joining Kirin Tor's raiding team!If you are reading this then you're likely interesting in taking part in progressive raiding with a focused attitude and a willingness to bring consumables and reagents to ev...
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About me: Im Igor from Croatia, im 29 years old. Im former boxer, and present boxing trainer and reception worker :D I played wow vanilla and every expansion of it :) still i prefer classic :) I play with my sister and wife, and i really enjoy it!...
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Resto Druid App

Write a bit about yourself and what your in-game goals are.My name is Jarosław and I am from Poland. I am doing a full-time undergraduate course in Finance and Accounting. Beside that I am working part-time at the upholstery works. My one and only...
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Shadow Priest Application - Byste

Bio:My name is Tim, I'm 27 years old and living currently in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. I work my own hours doing backend business work online for my father. I play an unhealthy amount of WoW since I've started so hopefully that stands as a testament ...
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Krug Warrior Applicant

Hello, my name is Andrew but, as far as World of Warcraft is concerned I have always been some variation of "Krug". I'm currently coming back to the PVE server to progress through AQ and Naxxramas in preparation / because of the classic server ann...
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Holy Paladin

- Laxed- Holy Paladin- information:My name is Eirik and I am a 27 year old Norwegian, currently working with Audit and Assurance. My work days are very ordinary, which me...
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Kirin Tor)

Hello !!!! My name is Radik to me 26 years old I work as an electric gas welder from Belarus My main character Restore Druid but there are 60 magician and 46 Warlock since I'm a Russian player I was in the Taiga guild but after a long stay there I...
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Rogue Application

Hello, I'm Diogo, and I play a combat rogue called Dankbusta. StorytimeI've been playing World of Warcraft since its release up until Legion, on and off, and I got completely tired of the game's content. It was tough to leave the guild I was in fo...
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Write a bit about yourself and what your in-game goals are,I am from turkey, working in the field of finance in the weekdays and having off days during weekends, thats why i wanted to join this guild. I like vanilla's simplicity and casualty, and ...
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Holy paladin

Hi thereMEI'm an italian civil engineer, 37 years old, living in Rome with my wife and 2 daughters.My goal is to complete all the raids and contents i missed when i played the original WoW vanilla (and to gear my paladin with that awesome Judgemen...
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Zapapa - Fury Warrior

Me- Hey I'm Pete 32 years old from Scotland. Having reached 60 I would like to continue my experience into raiding and see the content i missed in Vanilla.- In vanilla raided MC a LOT! in various friend guilds before clearing BWL later on a druid...
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Holy Paladin Application

Write a bit about yourselfI'm a software developerwhat your in-game goals are.I want to raid in vanilla, and I like the schedule of this guild.Any previous retail WoW experience? Were you raiding content during certain expansions?I've played occas...
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Warlock Applicantion

Hi all :) Who am I ?My name is Casper, I'm 27 and I live in Copenhagen, Denmark. I'm a full-time student and I study Data Science. My main Is Zilgora on Darrowshire, a badass gnome warlock ^^I'm already in the guild as a social, but my goal is to ...
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Application - Mage Bereue

About Me: My name is Tim, I'm 30 and live in the Upper Midwest in the U.S. My main is Bereue on Darrowshire. I am an operating engineer for a large gas company and work with Ulkie IRL (I've known through university and played WoW with Ulkie since...
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Rogue Application

My in-game name is Zgodd, im 27 years old male from Norway. Wow experience:Started to play wow on closed beta back in 2004, also did open and final beta in EU. Played since first day of retail as a NE Rogue on Daggerspine PvP EU server, and have o...
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Paladin Application

My in game name is Fallas and I enjoy hill walking and spending time with my dogs. I have recently completed an HNC in computing and I'm hoping to go on to a degree in computer science. I would like to experience end game content in classic WoW as...
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Priest application

Hello!My name is Fredrik. I am 28 years old, and live in Norway.My character is Valpen, a dwarf priest. I am currently holy/disc specced, but I am open to change my specc if needed. I am already a member of the guild, and want to take it to the ne...
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Mage Application

Me, myself and I:My name is Carsten, I’m 32 years old, from Germany and play exclusively the mage Pandoozled on Darrowshire. In my real life I work in the mornings as a volunteer in the local animal shelter and got recently a part time job in the ...
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Mage Application

Hi there.My name is Oscar, i'm from Spain and have 39 years old. My english it's a little poor, but i wanna play with people to group to make instances (my free time it's too short to raid), i can help to equip another guildies or help in any othe...
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